Yb:YAG+Diamond – Laser Crystal – Bonding Crystal – Customized Products

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Yb:YAG+Diamond – Laser Crystal – Bonding Crystal – Customized Products

Yb: YAG+Diamond bonding crystal is a bonding crystal formed by bonding diamond at one end of Yb: YAG, which can effectively improve the comprehensive performance of Yb: YAG laser.

The thermal conductivity of Yb: YAG is 0.14 w/cm/ ° k@ 25 ° C, and the thermal conductivity of diamond crystal is 1.465w/m/k (@ 100 ℃). Yb: YAG+Diamond bonded crystal is formed by bonding at both ends, which can effectively improve the thermal effect of Yb: YAG crystal, reduce the thermal lens effect formed during laser pumping, have high slope efficiency, and improve excellent power, enhanced coherence and frequency conversion ability.

TaorLab uses surface activation bonding technology, which is a bonding technology at low or normal temperature. The typical features are surface cleaning and surface activation. Before bonding, the bombardment of fast atoms or ion beams on the bonding surface can effectively increase the bonding strength and achieve high-quality bonding between inorganic materials, metals and semiconductor materials. Compared with the high-temperature thermal bonding method, the surface activation bonding technology has higher bonding force interface, better optical absorption loss and surface shape change control, while the impurities on the thermal diffusion bonding surface cannot be removed and are bonded on the bonding surface. Surface activated bonding technology has the advantages of removing various polishing residual components, removing organic pollutants, removing surface oxide layer, breaking chemical bonds of materials, and improving activation energy.

The Yb:YAG+Diamond bonding crystal produced has high bonding strength, small bonding surface absorption loss (generally less than 20ppm) and small change of bonding surface shape (bonding surface shape <lamda/8). The shape of the bonded crystal can be rod, plate, waveguide or sandwich. Various types of coatings can be provided at both ends of the bonded crystal, such as two end antireflection films ar/ AR@1030nm Etc. Yb: YAG+Diamond bonded crystals are widely used in holography, interference, optical storage and other fields. They can also be used in high-efficiency and high-power diode pumped solid-state lasers.

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Effectively improve the thermal effect of yb:yag crystal
Reduce the thermal lens effect formed during laser pumping
High slope efficiency to improve excellent power
Increase the coherence and frequency conversion capability


Materials Nd,Ce:YAG Diamond
Concentrations 1%, 2%,2,5%, 5%,7.5%, 10% /
Structure Rods/Slabs/Sandwich/Waveguide/
End-face Configuration Flat/Convex/Wedge
Side Configuration Polish/Fine Ground
Coating available AR@1030nm AR@1030nm
others others