Immersion Fiber Adjustable Optical Path Immersion Probe Industrial Immersion Fiber Optic Probe Liquid Probe

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Immersion Fiber Adjustable Optical Path Immersion Probe Industrial Immersion Fiber Optic Probe Liquid Probe

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This product is suitable for experimental optical experiment applications. Its Immersion Fiber is a variable optical path transmission immersion optical fiber probe, which can be widely used in laboratories and other environments, such as liquid transmission absorption, Excite fluorescence, etc.

The variable optical path transmission immersion fiber probe can be connected with our spectrometer and light source products to easily measure the absorbance and transmittance of the solution. These stainless steel probes are particularly suitable for being embedded in industrial production streams for real-time sample monitoring.

The outer diameter of this probe is 1/4 inch. The optical path of the probe can be set by the user in the range of 0.5 mm to 10 mm, so it is extremely versatile for liquids with high or low absorptivity. Just immerse the tip of the probe in the liquid to perform the measurement. The light from the light source can be coupled into a fiber bundle composed of 6 fibers through a standard SMA905 connector, and then transmitted to the end of the probe, and is reflected by a lens and a mirror through a user-defined physical gap of 0.25-10 mm. The reflected light enters the seventh detection fiber, which will transmit the detected data into the spectrometer through the SMA905 connector. In order to make the detection efficiency of the probe higher, the detection fiber at the end of the probe is placed in the middle of the illumination fiber. The optical fiber bundle is divided into two parts in the metal part in the middle of the probe, and the one-meter optical fiber is connected to the spectrometer and the light source respectively.
Immersion Fiber


Description 6 illumination fibers, 1 detection fiber.
Core diameter: 200μm(7-core)
Fiber length: 1 meter/2 meters
Wavelength range 200-1100 nm (UV/VIS) or 400-2500 (UV/VIS/NIR)
Fiber connector SMA905 connector (2 pcs)
Optical path 0.25-10 mm optical path, users can freely adjust
Probe 304 stainless steel pipe, 140-160 mm (length) x 6.35mm (1/4 inch diameter), can be waterproof.
Sheath PVC multilayer pipe or 304 stainless steel corrugated pipe
Operating temperature -30 ºC to 100 ºC. (-HT high temperature type up to 200 ºC)
Pressure Probe tip 10 bar @ 25 ºC

High coupling efficiency
Good fatigue resistance
Good light source compatibility

High-energy laser transmission
Medical sensing
Laser treatment and surgery
Optical temperature measurement
Spectral analysis

Fiber technical indicators:

Core diameter 0.1/0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/…
Fiber connector SMA905, FC/PC, FC/APC, TA, TC
Min. bending radius (mm) <60D (D=core)
Core/Cladding (CCDR) 1:1.1 or 1:1.04
Numerical aperture NA±0.22 0.12, 0.22, 0.37
Transmittance (%/m) DUV (190~1100nm) 90~98
UV (200~1100nm) 85~98
IR (400~2500nm) 97~99

Quartz fiber is distinguished by wavelength range:

Connector marking Description Curve

-XSR, anti-ultraviolet irradiated silica fiber, pass band is 190~1100 nm

-UV, deep-ultraviolet silica fiber, the pass band is 200~1100 nm

-IR, near-infrared quartz fiber, the pass band is 400~2500 nm

According to the spectrum measurement mode, select the fiber configuration:

Mode Fiber configuration
Radiation measurement 1. Straight-through fiber
2. Multi-channel high spectral resolution measurement needs to use 1 point multi-core (such as 1 point 7) fiber
Reflection measurement 1. Y-shaped fiber
2. Straight-through fiber plus integrating sphere
3. Z-shaped optical fiber is required for dual optical path system
Transmission measurement 1. Straight-through fiber
Absorption measurement 1. The solid surface absorbs the use of integrating sphere and through fiber
2. The liquid absorption measurement uses the R4 system and the through optical fiber
Fluorescence measurement 1. 7-core Y-shaped fiber can be used for ordinary measurement
2. Highly sensitive measurement can use special Y-shaped fiber
Liquid transmission/absorption measurement 1. Y-shaped optical fiber with liquid transmission probe (YDP)

Adjustable optical path immersion probe:

optical fiber

optical fiber

Industrial immersion fiber optic probe:

optical fiber

Quartz fiber loss:

optical fiber

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200~1100nm, 400~2500nm

Fiber Length

1Meter, 2 Meters