980nm 3-port Polarization Maintaining PM Fiber Optic Circulator

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980nm 3-port Polarization Maintaining PM Fiber Optic Circulator

The three-port fiber optic circulator is a multi-port non-reciprocal optical device in which light can only propagate in one direction. If the signal is input from port 1, it will be output from port 2; if the signal is input from port 2, it will be output from port 3, and the output loss is very small; when the light is input from port 2, the loss is very large when it is output from port 1. Similarly, when light is input from port 3, the loss when output from ports 1 and 2 is also very large.

TaorLab can produce three-port, four-port, different power and different wavelength fiber optic circulators, which are widely used in fiber lasers, instrumentation, dispersion compensation devices, fiber optic sensing, scientific research and other fields.

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Parameter Unit Value
Center Wavelength nm 980
Operating Wavelength Range nm ±10
Peak Isolation (Type) dB 25
Isolation (min) dB 22
Insertion Loss(Type) dB 1.0
Insertion Loss(max) dB 1.5
Extinction Ratio (min) dB 18 (type B), 20(type F)
Minimum Return Loss dB 45
Optical Power(CW) W 0.3, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 Optional
Peak Power(Pulse) KW <10@ns pulse
Working Axis Single-axis work or double-axis work
Fiber Type PM980
Package Size mm 64x28x26
Operating Temperature 0 ~ +60
Storage Temperature -10 ~ +75

*The temperature measurement environment is 25℃;
*The above data does not include connectors. If a connector is added, the insertion loss increases by 0.5dB, the return loss decreases by 5dB, the extinction ratio decreases by 2dB, and the slow axis of the optical fiber is aligned with the Key key by default.

Package Dimensions

TaorLab fiber circulator

Ordering Information

TLPCIR Working Wavelength Average Power Power Type Working Axis Fiber Type Pigtail Length Pigtail Type Connector Type
980=980nm 00=300mW
B=Double-axis work
S=Slow axis work
F=Fast axis work
P9=PM980 08=0.8m
B=250um bare fiber
L=900um loose tube

*Model reference: TLPCIR-980-00-C-S-P9-10-L-FA
Three-port polarization-maintaining fiber optic circulator, center wavelength 980nm, continuous power 300mW, single-axis operation, PM980, fiber length 1 meter, 900um loose tube, FC/APC, fiber slow axis alignment key.