Cr:BeAlO2 – Laser Crystal – Gain Medium – Customized products

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Cr:BeAlO2 – Laser Crystal – Gain Medium – Customized products

Cr:BeAlO2 crystal products, also known as Alexandrite. It is a broadband tunable laser gain medium with excellent comprehensive performance. It is widely used in dermatology, laser cosmetology, radar technology and other fields. The product has the characteristics of long fluorescence life, high saturation energy density and wide absorption bandwidth. It can be used in medical laser, alexandrite Q laser, laser radar, alexandrite laser treatment instrument products.

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Excellent quality
Good uniformity
Large crystal size
Strong double refraction
High damage threshold
The coating threshold is high
Small section (high saturation flux)
Wavelength coverage: 500nm-3000nm
Low symmetry (orthogonal crystal structure)
Absorption range 380-630 nm, peak at 410 nm and 590 nm
Performance is enhanced at higher temperatures (90-150℃)
Tuning ranges from 700 nm to 860 nm (main laser wavelength 755 nm)


Diameter Tolerance +.000″/-.002″
Clear Aperture ≥98%
Chamfer 0.005″ ± 0.003″@45°
Barreling 55±5 μinches
Perpendicularity <5′
Parallelism <30″
Flatness λ/10@633nm
Surface Finish 10-5 scratch-dig per MIL-O-13830
Wavefront Distortion Less than λ/2 per inch (measured in 1μm)
Facet Coating Single-layer MgF2
Single wavelength,broad band
AR coating
Cr Doping Standard range of reflection: 0.10–0.17 at.%
Optimum Cr concentration: 0.83/d at.% (diameter in mm)

Physical and Chemical Properties

Chemical Formula Be(Al1-xCrx)2O4
Crystal Structure Orthorhombic
Lattice Constant a=5.476Å per ASTM 10-32
b=9.404 Å
c=4.427 Å
X-ray Densitometer 3.7g/cm3
Melting Point 1870 °C
Thermal Expansivity ∥a 5.9×10-6 K-1
∥b 6.1×10-6 K-1
∥c 6.7×10-6-1
Thermal Conductivity 0.23 W cm-1K-1
Hardness(Vickers) 2000 kg mm-2
Young’s Modulus 469 GPa
Breaking Stress 0.457-0.948 GPa
Thermal Shock Resistance 35-74W/cm

Doping Parameters

Chromium Concentration Range 0.01-0.2 at.%
Chromium Ion Concentration (0.1 at.%) 3.51×10cm-3
Refractive Index (750 nm) (biax) E∥a = 1.7367
E∥b = 1.7421
E∥c = 1.7346
Doping Position Symmetry 78% mirror (laser active)
22% inversion
Nonlinear Refractivity,n2 ~10-13 ESU
Findlay Clay Insertion Loss <0.3% cm-1
Refractive Index Temperature Change 8×10-6 K-1


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