EQ4000 200nm~1050nm High Resolution Spectrometer Fiber Optical Spectrometer Mini Handheld spectrometer Direct Reading Spectrometer Customized

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EQ4000 200nm~1050nm High Resolution Spectrometer Fiber Optical Spectrometer Mini Handheld spectrometer Direct Reading Spectrometer Customized

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EQ4000 is a high-resolution spectrometer that uses a high-resolution optical platform, suitable for occasions that require fine spectral resolution.

The EQ4000 high-resolution spectrometer adopts a combination of a focal length of 100 mm and a numerical aperture of 0.11, which enables the spectrometer to achieve the best balance of resolution and sensitivity without increasing its own volume. It can provide an optical resolution of up to 0.10nm for laser characterization. , Gas absorption measurement and plasma analysis provide better spectrum measurement.

The EQ4000 high-resolution spectrometer has high-speed and high-sensitivity technology, which can put users’ products in a technologically leading position and give products stronger bargaining power; it can be matched with low-cost optical fibers, free trial services can be provided, and bulk purchases can be cheaper.

EQ4000 spectrometer resolution:
1. The resolution is inversely proportional to the sensitivity. The smaller the slit, the lower the sensitivity, but the resolution is better.
2. The greater the number of grating lines, the higher the resolution and the smaller the irradiation wavelength range.

1. The high-resolution optical platform achieves the best balance of resolution and sensitivity without increasing the volume of the spectrometer itself;
2. Full-spectrum technology, using variable blazed grating, solves the problem of wide-spectrum efficiency balance and high-order interference, and the widest spectrum coverage reaches 300-1100 nm;
3. Ultra-high resolution, providing the highest optical resolution of 0.1nm;
4. High-speed control technology can set a new integration time within 1ms, saving time for spectrometer control;
5. Marking technology, can query the completion status of the spectrometer at any time, interrupt and re-collect at any time, without long waiting;
6. Bottom call technology, support system integration development, facilitating users to develop spectrometer application programs more quickly.

EQ4000 series fiber spectrometer list:

Model Wavelength (nm) Slit Width (μm)
EQ4000-025-VIS 350-800 25
EQ4000-025-UVN 350-1080 25
EQ4000-025-V Custom wavelength 25
EQ4000-100-VIS 350-800 100
EQ4000-100-UVN 350-1030 100
EQ4000-100-V Custom wavelength 100
EQ4000-010-VIS 350-800 10
EQ4000-010-UVN 350-1030 10
EQ4000-010-V Custom wavelength 10
EQ4000-050-VIS 350-800 50
EQ4000-050-UVN 350-1030 50
EQ4000-050-V Custom wavelength 50



Mechanical Parameters
Item Value
Size (mm) 115*158*46.5
Weight (g) 600
Detector Parameters
Item Value
Detector TCD1304DG linear CCD array
Detector response range (nm) 300-1100
Effective Pixels 3648
Pixel size (µm) 8*200
A/D resolution 16 bit
Non-uniformity of light response 1% (max)
Sensitivity (V/lx·s) 30 photons/count at 400nm; 60 photons/count at 600nm
Optical System Parameters
Item Value
Optical system F/4, f/4, symmetrical cross optical path
Focal length (mm) 100 mm
Slit size (µm) 5/10/25/50/100/200, etc., or without slits (customized)
Raster A variety of ruled gratings or holographic gratings with the same blaze wavelength with different parameters (customizable)
Cylindrical mirror Optional
Elimination of secondary spectral filter Band pass or long wave pass filter to eliminate secondary spectrum
Optical fiber and its connection interface NA 0.22, SMA905
Spectral parameters
Item Value
Spectral wavelength test range Depend on grating selection, 200~1100nm
Spectral resolution (nm) ~0.035-8.4 nm FWHM (determined by grating constant, slit width and detector model, etc.)
SNR 300:01:00 (full scale range)
Wavelength tolerance About ±0.2
Integration time 1 millisecond to 2 seconds
Dynamic Range 300
Stray light <0.05% at 600 nm; <0.10% at 435 nm
Correction linearity >99.8%
Electrical parameters
Item Value
Power consumption 300 mA×5 V DC
Data transfer rate Full spectrum read into memory via USB2.0 interface, time 3.0 ms
Operating system Windows / XP (32-bit)
Data transmission interface USB 2.0 (480Mbps), compatible with USB 1.1


Pre-configured system parameters
Part Name Component parameters Remarks
Slit Width (µm) 10, 20, 50, 100, etc.
Raster Number of wire pairs (L/mm) 300,400,500, 600, 800,1200, 1800
Spectral response range (nm) 200-1100 (user-defined, for 600 line pairs/mm grating, the spectral response range is about 650nm)
Optical fiber Core diameter (µm) 9, 50, 200, 400, 600, 1000, etc.
Spectral response range (nm) 200~2500
Outer protective layer Normal or enhanced care
Interface Type SMA 905 (standard) or FC, TA, TB, etc.
Detector Model Toshiba TCD1304
Cylindrical mirror Optional accessories Enhance the light energy collection rate of the system
Optional parts
Part Name Remarks
Light source For measurement or wavelength calibration of a wide spectral response range, such as tungsten halogen lamp, deuterium lamp or mercury argon light source
Integrating sphere Used to realize the uniform light output of the light source
Reflectance measurement accessories Accessories for reflectance spectrum measurement, such as standard reflectance standard whiteboard, aluminum mirror, miniature reflectance platform, special fixtures, etc.
Transmission measurement accessories Accessories for transmission spectrum measurement, such as the transmission support of the sample holder, various cuvette supports, flow sample cells, etc.
Fluorescence excitation light measurement accessories Accessories for fluorescence excitation light measurement, such as 4-way cuvette holder, etc.
Packing List
Part Name Quantity
Micro spectrometer EQ4000
Optical fiber with SMA905 interface Optional
USB data cable 1
Software and development kit SDK CD 1


The following spectrum is the light source spectrum of the light source CAL-2000 after transmission through the fiber FIB-UV400-1 measured by a fiber optic spectrometer.

fiber spectrometer

fiber spectrometer

fiber spectrometer

fiber spectrometer

Glass transmittance and absorption rate measurement:
The cuvette holder in the figure below, the left fiber is connected to the light source (HL2000 halogen light source or DH2000 deuterium halogen light source can be selected), the right fiber is the transmission and absorption measurement end (MAX2000 fiber spectrometer or EQ4000 fiber spectrometer can also be selected ), the front side fiber is the fluorescence/excitation light measurement end (MAX2000 fiber spectrometer or EQ4000 fiber spectrometer can also be selected).

The measurement system is a spectrum measurement system designed for a cuvette with an optical path of 1 cm. It can measure:
1.  The transmittance and reflectance of the liquid sample in the cuvette;
2.  Absorption and fluorescence spectra of the liquid sample in the cuvette.

fiber spectrometer