Lab LED Light Source Fiber-Coupled LED Light Custom LED light

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Lab LED Light Source Fiber-Coupled LED Light Custom LED light

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Taorlab provides a range of unmounted, mounted, collimated, and fiber-pigtailed LEDs that emit in the 270nm – 880nm spectral range. Our High-Power LEDs for Microscopy, Collimated LEDs, Multi-Channel LED Sources, and Illumination Kits are all designed for microscopy applications.





Model Electric Power Output Power Center Wavelength Half Peak Width Output Interface Product Link
LED270 0.5W 1.5mW 270nm 6 nm SMA905 or FC
LED310 0.5W 1.5mW 310nm 7nm SMA905 or FC
LED370 3W 2~5mW 370nm 9nm SMA905 or FC
LED395 3W 2~5mW 395nm 10nm SMA905 or FC
LED405 3W 2~5mW 405nm 10nm SMA905 or FC
LED425 3W 2~5mW 426nm 14nm SMA905 or FC
LED450 3W 2~5mW 450nm 16nm SMA905 or FC
LED460 3W 2~5mW 460nm 16nm SMA905 or FC
LED485 3W 2~5mW 485nnm 26nm SMA905 or FC
LED495 3W 2~5mW 495nm 22nm SMA905 or FC
LED525 3W 2~5mW 527nm 30nm SMA905 or FC
LED545 3W 2~5mW 545nm 35nm SMA905 or FC
LED605 3W 2~5mW 604nm 17nm SMA905 or FC
LED665 3W 2~5mW 665nm 13nm SMA905 or FC
LED800 3W 2~5mW 800nm 18nm SMA905 or FC
LED880 3W 2~5mW 880nm 16nm SMA905 or FC
White LED 3W 2~5mW SMA905 or FC