STD-M Standard Reference Aluminum Mirror Specular Reflection Reference UV Al Mirror STAN-SSH

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STD-M Standard Reference Aluminum Mirror Specular Reflection Reference UV Al Mirror STAN-SSH

The standard mirror is a standard specular reflection reference object used for reflectivity measurement. Our STAN-SSH standard reflector is made of high-reflective Al material by thermal evaporation, which can provide a high reflectivity of more than 95% in the wide spectrum of ultraviolet-visible-near infrared (200-2500 nm).

High reflectivity surface
The standard high specular reflectance standard plate can be used to measure the reflectance of photosensitive substrates, light coatings, machine-added metals and semiconductor materials, and is a reference for objects with high specular reflectance on the surface. The reflectance at the wavelength of 250nm-800nm is ~85%-90%. 800-2500nm reflectivity ~85%-98%

Protective film on the mirror surface
The surface of the aluminum mirror is specular reflection, and the fused silica coating on the mirror surface prevents oxidation of the surface of the aluminum mirror.

Notes for use:
1. The STAN-SSH standard reference aluminum mirror can be used when setting the high reflectance reference.
2. The STAN-SSH aluminum film is protected by a layer of fused silica coating. Users should still be careful when using it to ensure that the standard surface is not damaged. Do not touch the surface with your hands or objects to avoid contamination and damage. When cleaning the surface of STAN-SSH, first use high-pressure gas to blow off the dirt and dust on the surface, and then use the traction cleaning method to remove fingerprints and fixed residues on the surface. Towing cleaning method is to use lens paper dipped in acetone or alcohol to slowly pull across the surface of the lens. Then drag it on the mirror in one direction, and then let it dry naturally. Generally do not need to wipe. After the solvent evaporates evenly, it will not leave tails or stains on the surface of the lens.
3. The exposed metal layer is very clean and precise and cannot be cleaned by this method. Fingerprints and dirt will cause permanent damage to it. Users must be very careful when operating STAN-SSH to extend its service life.


Item Value
Wavelength band 200~2500 nm
Material Mirrored Fused Silica Coating
Shell High stability shell aluminum material; natural anodized aluminum shell, and screw on the upper cover for protection.
Size Dimensions: diameter 38 mm, height 11.5mm
Internal dimensions: 30 mm OD
Reflective surface height 8.0 mm when in use
Weight 32g
Reflectivity 250-800 nm,~80%-90%
800-2500 nm,~85%-98%