DH-2000/DH2000-LL Deuterium Halogen 2IN1 Light Source Full Band Light Source

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DH-2000/DH2000-LL Deuterium Halogen 2IN1 Light Source Full Band Light Source

DH2000 composite light source integrates continuous deuterium light and tungsten halogen light wide-band spectrum in one channel. The integrated spectrum provides continuous output from 190nm to 2500nm.

The continuous spectrum emitted by the deuterium light ranges from 190~400 nm in the ultraviolet band to 400~800nm in the visible light, making the deuterium light a high-precision light source for analysis and measurement instruments, such as liquid chromatographs.

The light-emitting principle of the tungsten-halogen bulb is realized by using the principle of heating the object and the principle of heat radiation. The tungsten-halogen bulb is to conduct enough current to the filament, and the filament will emit light when it heats up to an incandescent state. The wavelength range of tungsten halogen bulbs is usually 360nm-2000nm. The life of a tungsten halogen bulb is related to its operating temperature. The higher the color temperature, the shorter the life span.

High stability, high quality deuterium lamp and tungsten halogen lamp.
The output light intensity of the halogen lamp can be adjusted, which can realize the balanced output of the deuterium halogen spectrum.
Efficient cooling system.
Provide 185-2500 nm continuous spectrum radiation continuous output.
High power output.
SMA905 standard interface output.
The deuterium light and the tungsten halogen lightcan be turned on separately.
Long life and high stability.
Suitable for UV spectrum measurement.


Model DH2000 DH2000-LL
Size 150 mm x 135 mm x 319 mm 150 mm x 135 mm x 319 mm
Weight 3.5 kg 3.5 kg
Power 25W(deuterium light)
10W (halogen light)
30W(deuterium light)
20W (halogen light)
Wavelength Range 190~400nm (deep UV deuterium bulb)
360~2500nm (halogen bulb)
180~400nm (deep UV deuterium bulb)
360~2500nm (halogen bulb)
Humidity Range 5~95% 5~95%
Operating current 85V/0.3A 85V/0.3A
Operating Voltage 580V@20℃ 580V@20℃
Voltage Drift <0.01% per hour <0.01% per hour
Voltage Stability <5×10^-6 peak (0.1-10.0 Hz) <5×10^-6 peak (0.1-10.0 Hz)
Operating Temperature 5℃~35℃ 5℃~35℃
Radiation Characteristics 1.0mm aperture
Numerical aperture NA0.22~0.37
0.5mm aperture
Numerical aperture NA0.22~0.37
Power Consumption ~78 VA ~78 VA
Warm-Up Time 40 minutes (deuterium light)
20 minutes (halogen light)
40 minutes (deuterium light)
20 minutes (halogen light)
Power Supply 85~250 V AC 50~60HZ 85~250 V AC 50~60HZ
Lifetime 1500hrs 2000hrs


DH2000, DH2000-LL

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