1950/2000/2050nm High Power Polarizing Beam Splitter/Combiner HP PBS/C With PM1950 Fiber

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1950/2000/2050nm High Power Polarizing Beam Splitter/Combiner HP PBS/C With PM1950 Fiber

Polarization beam splitter (PBS/PBC) is used to couple two beams of orthogonally polarized light into one optical fiber or to couple a single output containing orthogonal linearly polarized light into two optical fiber outputs respectively. It can also be used in reverse. Two orthogonal polarization beams input from the polarization-maintaining fiber branch are coupled into a single-mode output fiber, which can be used to combine the power of the pump laser and improve the extinction ratio of the fiber laser.

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Parameter Unit Value
Center wavelength nm 1950/2000/2050
Operating bandwidth nm ±40
Typical insertion loss dB 1.0
Max insertion loss dB 1.3
Min extinction ratio dB 22
Directionality dB 50
Return loss dB 50
Withstand power CW W 10, 20, 30
Pulse power KW 10
Fiber type PM Panda fiber for Ports 1&2, SM1950 or PM Panda fiber for Port 3
Fiber length m 1 or other
Connector type None
Max pulling force N 5
Package size mm 14X12X8
Operating temperature -5~+70
Storage temperature -40~+85

*The temperature measurement environment is 25℃;
*The above data does not include connectors. If you add connectors, the insertion loss will increase by 0.6dB, the return loss will decrease by 5dB, and the extinction ratio will decrease by 2dB. By default, the slow axis of the optical fiber is aligned with the Key key.

Package Dimensions

TaorLab polarizing beam splitter


Model Information

Pump wavelength Withstand power Fiber type Port1&2 Fiber type Port3 Pigtail length Tail boot type Connector type
P19=PM1950 S1=SM1950
P195=PM190 slow axis 45° aligned with Port 1
P190=PM190 slow axis alignment Port 1
B=250um bare fiber
L=900um loose tube

*Model Reference: TLHPBS-2000-05-P19-P190-10-L-N
High-power polarizing beam splitter, center wavelength 2000nm, power tolerance 5W, Port1&2 fiber type PM1950, Port3 fiber type PM1950 and slow axis aligned with Port 1, fiber length 1 meter, 900um loose tube, no connector