Tm:YLF(Thulium doped yttrium fluoride lithium) – Laser Crystal – Gain Medium – Customized Products

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Tm:YLF(Thulium doped yttrium fluoride lithium) – Laser Crystal – Gain Medium – Customized Products

Thulium doped yttrium fluoride lithium (Tm: YLF) crystals have a low nonlinear refractive index and thermo optic constant, which are very suitable for the application in the fields of scientific research, production, education, and other optoelectronic fields. Tm: YLF crystal is a negative uniaxial crystal with a negative refractive index temperature coefficient, which can offset some thermal distortion and thus has high beam quality output. The pump wavelength is 792 nm, and the linear polarized laser with the wavelength of 1900nm outputs in the direction of an axis. outputting light from the c axis is non-linear polarized. High power laser output can be obtained by selecting the proper crystal size and doping concentration. Two-micron Tm3+ lasers are of interest for many applications in the scientific, defense, and medical fields. Thulium readily substitutes many crystal hosts that are suitable for high-average-power laser systems and it has an absorption band at ~0.8 μm allowing excitation with commercially available high power laser diodes.

$100 is a deposit, not the final price of the product. Please contact us for price if needed.

Low nonlinear refractive index
Low thermo-optical constant
Low polarization loss
Long upper energy level fluorescence lifetime
Small up-conversion effect
No absorption loss of sensitized ions

Material Specifications

Concentration Tolerance (atm%) 2-4 at.%
Lattice Constants 4~5
Orientation a-cut, other orientations also available
Parallelism <10”
Perpendicularity <5”
Surface Finish 10-5 S/D
Wavefront Distortion λ/8 @ 633nm
Flatness λ/10 @ 633nm
Clear Aperture 95%
Length Tolerance ±0.1 mm
Face Dimensions Tolerance +0/-0,1 mm
Chamfer <0,1 mm @45˚
Damage Threshold over 15J/cm2 TEM00, 10ns, 10Hz

Physical and Chemical Properties

Crystal Structure Tetragonal
Lattice Constant a=5.16Å; c=10.85Å
Density 3.99 g/cm³
Melting Point 819℃
Thermal Conductivity 6 Wm-1K-1
Thermal Optical Coefficient π = 4.3 x 10-6 x °K-1;
σ = 2.0 x 10-6 x °K-1
Thermal Expansivity /(10-6·K-1 @ 25°C) 10.1×10-6 (//c) K-1,
14.3×10-6((//a)  K-1
Mohs Hardness 5
Shear Modulus 85
Specific Heat Capacity 0.79 J/gK
Poisson Ratio 0.3

Optical and Spectral Properties

Laser Transition 3F43H6
Laser Wavelength π:1880 nm; σ:1908 nm
Absorption Cross-section at Peak 0.55×10-20 cm2
Absorption Bandwidth at Peak Wavelength 16 nm
Absorption Peak Wavelength 792 nm
Lifetime of3F4 Thulium Energy Level 16 ms
Quantum Efficiency 2
Quantum Efficiency n2 0.6 x 10-13
Optical Quality < 0.3 x 10-5
Refractive Index @1064 nm no=1.448, ne=1.470
Laser Induced Damage Threshold >10 J/cm2@1900 nm, 10 ns
Coatings R<0,5% @792 nm + R<0,15% @1800-1960 nm on both sides; custom coatings also available


Absorption and Emission Spectra

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