1550nm 150MHz High Frequency Free Space AOM

Product ID: 5803

Customization range: Wavelength 500-2000nm can choose any band. Frequency 40-300Mhz can choose any frequency, frequency accuracy can be customized. Clear aperture 0.1-4mm can be customized.


1550nm 150MHz High Frequency Free Space AOM

Optical switch
Laser wavelength shift

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Parameter Unit Min Max Typ. Remarks
Material TeO²
Wavelength nm 1520 1580 1550
Average Optical Power Density W 250W/mm²
Ultrasonic Velocity m/s 4200
Diffraction Efficiency % 65
Center Frequency MHz 150 Customizable
3dB Bandwidth MHz ±20
Clear Aperture mm 0.5 Customizable
RF Power W 2.5
Rising Time ns
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio < 1.5:1
Input Resistance Ω 50
Deflection Angle mrad
Device Interface SMA
Operating Temperature -10~+60
Storage Temperature -30~+70

Acousto-Optic Modulators AOM