1310nm Polarization Maintaining Fiber Optic Isolator with PM1550 Fiber

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1310nm Polarization Maintaining Fiber Optic Isolator with PM1550 Fiber

Optical fiber isolators mainly use the Faraday effect of magneto-optical crystals to isolate reflected light and are passive magneto-optical devices that only allow light to transmit in one direction. Fiber isolators are used to protect the light source from unwanted effects caused by back reflections or signals; back reflections can damage the laser or cause it to mode hop, change in amplitude or shift in frequency. In high-power applications, backreflections can also cause instability and power spikes.

The isolators produced by TaorLab have high isolation, low insertion loss, and high withstand power. Isolators with different wavelengths, powers, and fibers can be customized according to user needs. The products are widely used in fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, laser communications, fiber optic sensors, Scientific research and other fields.

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Parameter Unit Value
Center Wavelength nm 1310
Working Wavelength Range nm ±10
Single/Double Stage Single Stage Dual Stage
Peak Isolation (Type) dB 40 55
Isolation (min) dB 26 45
Insertion Loss (Type) dB 0.5 0.6
Insertion Loss (max) dB 0.65 0.8
Extinction Ratio (min) dB 18(Type B),20(Type F)
Minimum Return Loss dB 50
Fiber Type PM1550 fiber
Max. Tensile Load N 5
Max Optical Power (CW) W 0.3,1,2,5,10
Max Peak Power (Pulse) KW /
Operating Temperature 0 ~ +70
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85

*The temperature measurement environment is 25℃;
*The above data does not include connectors. If you add connectors, the insertion loss will increase by 0.3dB, the return loss will decrease by 5dB, and the extinction ratio of polarization-maintaining products will decrease by 2dB. The default mode is slow axis operation and fast axis cutoff.

Package Dimensions

TaorLab fiber isolator

Ordering Information

TLPMI Working Wavelength Power Power Type Stage Type Working Axis Fiber Type Pigtail Length Pigtail Type Connector Type
S=Single stage
D=Dual stage
S=Slow axis work
F=Fast axis work
B=Both axis work
P15=PM1550 08=0.8m
B=250um bare fiber
L=900um loose tube

*Model reference: TLPMI-1310-00-C-S-S-P15-10-L-FA
Polarization-maintaining fiber optic isolator, center wavelength 1310nm, continuous power 300mW, single stage, slow axis operation, fiber type PM1550, pigtail length 1m, 900um bushing, FC/APC.