LilnSe2 (Lithium Selenide) – Nonlinear Crystal – Customized Products

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LilnSe2 (Lithium Selenide) – Nonlinear Crystal – Customized Products

LilnSe2 (Lithium Selenide), referred to as LISe crystal, is a point group of mm2, the light transmission range is 0.43~13.2 μm, and the effective nonlinear coefficient is large (d31=11.78, d24=8.17 @2.3 μm), it can be applied to pump titanium Sapphire laser, optical parametric oscillation (OPO) can obtain 1-13 μm mid-infrared laser output and different frequencies in the mid-infrared range (2-13 μm).

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Small band gap, suitable for neutron detection
High heat conductivity
High laser damage threshold
Crystal growth is not easy to crack
Good neutron recognition capability
It is not easy to crack during growth

Optical Element Parameters

Positional Accuracy <30’
Parallelism <30’’
Flatness λ/4@546nm
Surface Finish 30/20 sratch/dig


Physicochemical Properties

Crystal Structure Orthorhombic,
point group: mm2,
space groups: Pna21
Lattice Parameters Å a=7.192, b=8.412, c=6.793
Transparency range 0.43-13μm
Nonlinear Coefficient pm/V d31=11.78, d24=8.17 @2.3μm
Standard Reflectance @10.0 µm nx=2.2015, ny=2.2522, nz=2.2566
@5.0 µm nx=2.2370, ny=2.2772, nz=2.2818
SHG Fundamental Frequency Light Range x-y, Type II, eoe:2.73 – 8.24μm
 x-z, Type I, ooe: 2.08 – 12.4μm
y-z, Type II, oeo:2.73 – 3.07μm
y-z Type II, oeo, 7.66 – 8.24μm
Total wavelength coverage:2.08 – 12.4μm
Damage Threshold,GW/cm2 40 @1064 nm   (t=10 ns)
Thermal Conductivity
kx=4.73 ± 0.3; ky=4.67 ± 0.3; kz=5.45 ± 0.3
Band gap energy at room temperature 2.73eV
Far infrared absorption edge at 0.2 level of transmittance 1.24 THz @240 µm



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