HL2000 5W/10W/20W High-Power Halogen Light Source Fiber Optic Spectrometer Measurement

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HL2000 5W/10W/20W High-Power Halogen Light Source Fiber Optic Spectrometer Measurement

The halogen light source is a versatile light source, most suitable for VIS-NIR (360 nm-2500 nm). The feature of this light source is that it can be connected to the SMA905 connector and connected with the maximum amount of optical fiber.

HL2000 is a product used for wide-spectrum spectrum measurement and irradiance calibration. It has the characteristics of ultra-stable, long life and high color temperature, and is generally suitable for various spectrum applications.

1. Using high-quality bulbs, long lifetime.
2. Wide wavelength range: 360~2000nm.
3. Using air cooling, during use, do not block the air inlet and outlet.
4. The bulb power is optional from 5W to 20W.
5. Lamp drift <0.15%/hr, high stability.

Film transmittance analysis
Absorbance analysis
Chromaticity analysis
Analysis of solar cell reflectance
Diffuse reflection integrating sphere measurement

Product Name: Halogen Light Source
Model: HL2000-5W / HL2000-10W / HL2000-20W (Choose)
Wavelength Range: 360nm~2500nm
Output Power: 5W / 10W / 20W (Choose)
Humidity Range: 5~95%
Bulb Operating Current: 5V/2A
Voltage Stability: <5×10^-6 peak-to-peak
Radiation characteristics: 0.5mm aperture, numerical aperture NA0.22
Operating Temperature: 5~35℃
Warm-Up Time: 20 minutes

Model HL2000-5W HL2000-10W HL2000-20W
Power Consumption 5W 10W 20W
Bulb Volatge 5V 5V 12V
Color Temperature 2800K 2900K 3000K
Output Power 600um=3.0mW 1000um=5.5mW 1500um=8.5mW
stability <0.15%/hr <0.15%/hr <0.15%/hr
Size 160mm x 85mm x 60mm
Lifetime 10000H 6000H 2000H


Near-infrared fiber parameters: IR600-1.0, core diameter 600um, wavelength 380-2500nm.


HL2000-5W, HL2000-10W, HL2000-20W

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