GaSe (Gallium selenide) – Laser Crystal – Nonlinear Crystal – Customized Products

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GaSe (Gallium selenide) – Laser Crystal – Nonlinear Crystal – Customized Products

GaSe crystals are a nonlinear optical material with high damage broadening resistance, a large nonlinear coefficient (54 pm/V), a transmission band between 0.65 and 18 μm, and an ultra-low absorption coefficient, which makes them very important for mid-infrared broadband electromagnetic wave oscillations.GaSe crystals have achieved applications in: SHG of CO2 lasers, conversion of CO2 laser radiation conversion to visible or near-infrared wavelengths, mixing studies in the mid-wave infrared, OPG light generation in the 3.5-18 μm range, and efficient terahertz generation in the 0.2-5 THz range during femtosecond pulse pumping.

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Large nonlinear coefficient
High damage threshold
Wide transmission range
Ultra low absorption coefficient
Broadband terahertz oscillation
SHG conversion efficiency of CO2 laser reaches 9%

Product Parameters

Material GaSe
Transparency range, µm 0.62 – 20
Nonlinear Coefficient, pm/V d22 = 54 @10.6 µm
Crystal System Hexagonal system, point group 6m2
Lattice Constant, Å a=3.74, c=15.89
Refractive Index no=2.6975, ne=2.3745 @10.6 µm
no=2.7233, ne=2.3966 @5.3 µm
Damage Threshold, MW/cm2@1064 nm (t=10 ns) 30
Walk-off Angle 4.1° @5.3 µm
Mohs Hardness 2
Density 5.03g/cm3
Forbidden Bandwidth (300K) 2.2eV



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